Concept | Twisty Parallel Universe
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Twisty Parallel Universe was born with the perception of reality as a fragmented and varied universe. Like opening a drawer and discovering inside shards of photographs, small notes, a subway ticket, a telephone number, pieces of an object broken years before, fragments of memories or pieces of the future.

An exploded world that lets its essence out, its “self” upside down. Reality is a game of mirrors where the various identities reflect themselves into an ideal that is parallel to what is evident.

Twisty exists in this niche of thought where jagged materials harmoniously blend among one another like exploded armours.

Twisty likes to collect and rebuild, modify, reinvent, play and build its own universe made by a trail of small fragments that remain attached to the skin.

For this reason Twisty is not only a clothing collection but a sharing point, a place of reality that moves according to that point of view.

Twisty has an ironic and sharp approach to fashion, with contemporary lines and exclusive graphics that make the clothes unique. Fragments of reality become a collage of graphic elements, prints, textures and shapes.

The project is created and designed by Marianna Rosati.